The Balaguer Boronat family has been tied to the Masos project and their hundred country houses for many years.
Along its history, The Valley of Guadalest has mainly lived by rainfed agriculture. The agricultural economy it is traditionally based on the olive, the carob tree and the almond.

The 5 types of grapes of the Masos vineyard.

This week we are going to discover one by one the 5 different types of grapes that we have planted on the 5,5 hectares of the Masos vineyard under the leadership and coordination of the enologist Antoine Medéville, founder and director of the bordelés Oenoconseil laboratory.

Masos in À Punt

The Terra Viva team of À Punt visited our zero plantation of our vineyards at the foot of Guadalest Castle.  We had the opportunity to explain and present this tourist, wine and landscape project of Mas de la Mona.  The objective of Masoses rescue the landscape to put it in value and thus, to integrate the